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What those who have attended our clubhouse rooms say about us

Nicoline Kakora-Shiner• 1stIndependent Clinical Trainer2d • 2 days ago

Yesterday I joined Dr Shungu Hilda M'gadzah's chatroom in the Clubhouse. What an uplifting experience....please do yourself a favour and join one of her debates. The discussion was on Mentoring and being a mentor. Its a subject close to my heart and our debate helped to confirm and develop many of my thoughts on the subject. My first time on Clubhouse as well - shout out to the platform.. amazing! Please join the next debate --you will not regret it.

Dr Shungu Hilda M'gadzah and I (Sally Casterton) are back on Clubhouse again tomorrow (Thursday) 2pm London time! Consumerism and Psychology is such a hot topic that definitely needs to be talked about as we reconsider how we live and how we spend.

How has your spending changed during the pandemic? What drives our urge to consume? Are we in the hands of marketers more than we realise?

#psychology #wellness #wellbeing #consumerism #pandemic #marketing #advertising #EthicalSpending #addiction

This conversation couldn’t be more relevant, can’t wait to hear Dr Shungu Hilda M'gadzah explore this on Clubhouse, Monday 28th 15:00 BST

#uncertainty #UncertainTimes #psychology #mentalhealth #leadership#LeadershipDevelopment #EmotionalIntelligence #EQ #management#mindfulness

An absolute delight to join Dr Shungu on #6stages in her clubhouse room today. Discussing the definition of racism. Join her weekly clubhouse room, in a safe space, where you can discuss topics that facilitate growth and knowledge. Follow link below ⬇️
The racism spectrum - 6 Stages Framework
Monday, July 26 at 2:00pm BST with Shungu, Marie Odhiambo. What is racism and why is it so difficult to deal with?

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We are a team of professional Coaches and Consultants on Clubhouse Social App. We believe in bringing psychology into your home, school, college, university, workplace and communities.

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